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Eating and Drinking

Restaurants in Venice

In Venice there are an incredible number of possibilities to eat and drink something. The ideal thing here would be to go to a restaurant that is as equally good as it is expensive. As this is not usually the case here is some basic information as to how one can not only satisfy one’s appetite but also enjoy the culinary delights of Venice. The most important thing is to get as far away from St Mark’s Square as possible before finding a place to eat. Even the immediate vicinity around the Rialto Bridge should be avoided. Regardless of the locality – in the vicinity of these two tourist resorts one will pay such hefty prices that it may spoil the joy of a meal! Okay far enough away? Now things can get going. If you go into a tavern you will find yourself in a traditional wine cellar - again where you can also eat. The menu will be manageable and the prices too.

In a ‘Baccoro’ you will find yourself in the heart of every-day Venetian cultural. Here aside from wine, there is wine, and wine and also small appetisers and snacks. It only becomes ruinous when one loses track over the number of glasses that have been drunk. A little more expensive are the trattorias and restaurants. Here in addition to the prices shown on the menu one has to add extra costs for service charge (approximately 15%), and also a tip of 10% is expected.

If you only want a quick drink in between then one will be well advised with an ‘ombre’. That is 0.1 litres of wine that the Venetians sometimes have standing up in the afternoon. Thirsty for coffee? Then one should order an ‘americano’- this comes close to a German filter coffee. If however one orders a ‘caffe’ one can expect to receive an espresso.

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