Tourist Guide Venice

Public Transport in Venice

The cheapest and funniest way to travel in Venice is by using the Vaporetto. This is the name given to the water buses that are constantly on the go on the Grand Canal. With them one can explore the entire lagoon. In addition to stopping at the cemetery island of San Michele, they also stop at Murano, Burano and Torcello and also run so close to the un-inhabited islands of the lagoon that one can also gain a good overview of them. Like everywhere else in the world single tickets are comparatively more expensive. It is cheaper to purchase a 24 hour ticket or alternatively a three-day or one-week ticket.

water buses that are constantly on the go on the Grand Canal

One can obtain tickets in selected cigarette and newspaper kiosks as well as at the landing spot of the buses. Whoever simply wishes to cross the Grand Canal but can’t find a bridge can use the small ferries known as ‘Traghetti’. On these one will be mainly amongst the locals rather than tourists and for less than one Euro will be quickly ferried across. There are very few seats- reserved for the elderly or for those feeling unwell. Those in a hurry and for who price is not an issue can of course hire a sleek water taxi. Nevertheless, it is wise to inform oneself about the price before setting off. Gondolas are rather unsuitable for getting from A to B around Venice. A ride on them is more of an (expensive!) attraction and most tours with a gondolier end where they began.

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