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The nightlife of Venice

Nightlife and Venice – these are not two concepts that directly contradict each other yet at the same time don’t really fit well together. At least not when talking of the historic centre of Venice. On the Lido and in the districts of Venice that lie on the mainland, things are a little different. But first let us define- what is understood by the term ‘Nightlife’? If one means pubs, discos and clubs that are still open past 1am then the nightlife in historic Venice fairs rather badly. Just like there are very strict fire-safety rules here, there are just as strict rules on noise pollution. The Venetians would otherwise almost certainly never get any sleep. The city is built very closely together and voices and music are greatly echoed and intensified in the small alley ways. This doesn’t mean that one can’t have any fun in Venice. Whoever wishes to dance the whole night through however has to leave the city centre for the mainland or the Lido. Here everything that the fun-loving heart desires is on offer- from pubs with live music to discos, casinos (on the Lido) and establishments with live shows…

Conversely those who simply wish to have a night out the ‘Venetian way’ will find their money’s worth in the historical city centre. It is said time and time again that Venice is not just historical to look at but also with regards to its population, is not a ‘young’ city. This is however only half the truth. In reality Venice has many students and like students anywhere else, they also very much enjoy a night out. The bars in which they and other young Venetians can meet in the evenings are concentrated around Campo Santa Margherita- located close to the university (Università degli Studi Ca' Foscari).

The restaurants at Saint Marks Square are open the longest out of all the bars in Venice. Here one can have drink until mid-night or sometimes even till 1am. However, one should gain no false impressions. These pubs are hardly ever visited by locals and are primarily geared towards tourists; hence drinks or small snacks cost a small fortune. So why not leave the ‘nightlife’ as you know it and do as the Venetians do? They may not stay awake till all hours of the morning but they also do not leave the house so late. In Venice a glass of wine is at the latest already drunk in the afternoon – the so-called ‘Ombra’. This is the word for shadow and signifies the point in the day when the sun slowly begins to sink. Then it is time to have the first drink in one of the countless ‘Bacari’s’ of the city. It may seem relatively early but an ‘Ombra’ only consists of 100ml content.

Whoever wants to do things in style should go to ‘Do Mori’. This is Venice’s oldest stand-up bar, and lies very close to the fish-market at the Rialto Bridge in the ‘Calle dei Do Mori’. For 500 years Venetians have enjoyed wine here. Today one can choose from hundreds of different wines. This has not always been the case however the countless vessels and copper pots that hang from the ceiling of the Do Mori have seen many generations of locals and visitors. Likewise there is an institution called Harry’s Bar located directly behind Saint Mark’s Square in the Calle Vallaresso S. Whoever wishes to eat in the restaurant upstairs must book a table in advance. One can still however spontaneously drift into the bar and simply have a drink. The best thing is to try the world famous ‘Bellini’ mixer was invented here; not cheap but ‘very very Venice’.

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